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A Healthy Diet

By changing your eating habits you can greatly reduce your carbon footprint.  And no, that doesn't mean you have to go vegan, unless of course you want to!

Studies show that eating more fruit and vegetables is better for

your health and the health of the planet!

We have created a flyer to help you understand how your eating habits impact your carbon emissions.

The graph illustrates how changing the food you eat, even just once a week can make a huge reduction in your carbon footprint.

Plant Based Flyer-1.jpg
Plant Based Flyer-2.jpg


We are lucky to have Robin Enotera on our team.   She is a vegan and brings a home made vegan dish to each of our Climate Action Meetings.  Robin's goal is to showcase vegan dishes to encourage us to eat them at home.

For those not ready to go vegan or who just want to reduce their diet carbon footprint by cooking a meatless dishes, we also post vegetarian and fish dishes.

Check out our Recipes.


We have collected a lot of resources on how to change your eating habits to reduce your carbon footprints.

Check out our Resource page specific to a Healthy Diet for you and our planet.


Brian Charles is another member of our team who also lives a vegan lifestyle.   Brian has been providing us with a list of documentaries around the plant-based diet.  These documentaries are very eye opening and worthwhile to watch if you are curious about what are the benfits of these diets.

Check out our Documentaries page.

Personal Stories

We are asking people to share their personal stories of transitioning from a high carbon diet to one that is better for the planet.

These stories can be about why they made the change to their diet or about the journey itself.  These can include reducing their meat intake, going vegetarian, vegan or plant based.

The hope is that these personal stories will inspire you to change your diet!

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