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Who We Are:

Neighbours for the Planet, a non-profit organization, is a diverse group of concerned Canadians working together to bring about changes that will help to tackle and resolve the climate crisis. Neighbours for the Planet believes that a neighbourhood is both local and global.

Our Mission:

To explain that solutions to the climate crisis exist and that, as neighbours, we can have a positive and measurable impact if we act together and in unison.


To encourage collective action in our communities and to show how emissions of greenhouse gases can be reduced through simple lifestyle choices and changes.


To work with our elected officials and advocate for policies that will draw down emissions and enable Canada to meet the commitments made under the 2015 Paris Agreement.    


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Carrie Tai, Board Chair & Secretary

Carrie is a Professional Engineer (P. Eng.) with over 25 years as a technical consultant and project manager in the IT sector.  She also has experience in business process and improvement, and strategic planning.  Carrie is Co-founder of Neighbours for the Planet, is on the Advisory Committee for the Community Energy and Emissions Plan, Richmond Hill, and a Climate Reality Leader.

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Martin Bush, Vice-Chair

Martin is a project manager with over 30 years international experience leading projects focused on climate adaptation, renewable energy, and natural resources management.  He has written two books about climate change and how renewable energy is the key to bringing the crisis to an end. He holds a Ph.D. in chemical engineering and fuel technology, and a M.Sc. in protected area management.


Bob Bell, Legal Counsel

Bob is a corporate lawyer working primarily with small and medium sized businesses in Eastern Ontario. He loves living in the National Capital Region, where he and his partner have access to some of the best parks and outdoor spaces in Ontario. In 2014, Bob was a candidate for the Green Party of Ontario and is an advocate for a green shift in our economy and communities.

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Wing Wu, Board Member

Wing is currently a student in the Master of Climate Change program at the University of Waterloo.  She has over 10 years of experience in the environmental consulting industry focusing on site assessment and remediation projects.  Wing is volunteering as Sustainable Buildings Project & Engagement Coordinator at ClimateActionWR and assisting in a pilot project to increase energy efficiency in commercial and residential buildings


Monica Woodley, Board Member

Monica has many years experience as a Consultant, International Development and Ontario Legislature employee. She holds an M Ed from the University of Toronto..  In her retirement, Monica is now an active Climate Reality Project Leader and Member of Bishop’s Committee on Creation Care (Anglican).  Monica is also a former Director of the Foundation for Environmental Stewardship.


Stuart Cumner, Board Member

Stuart Cumner has been a Biology teacher since 1982 and was Head of Science at Crescent School for over 25 years. He has a B.Sc. in Zoology, from the University College of  Wales, Aberystwyth, and a P.G.C.E. from Southampton University.  He is a member of Markham's Environmental Advisory Committee, Drawdown Markham and Seeds to Saplings.



Climate Presentations

Aimée Tai

Martin Bush

Monica Woodley

Stuart Cumner


Graphic Design

Alan Rapkin

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Growing Your Own Food

Dinah Gibbs

Julia Fursova

Wing Wu

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Poster Design

Aimée Tai

Anushka Karmalkar

Melanie Koicha


Social Media & Communications

Marilyn Clark

Anusha Srinivasan

Anushka Karmalkar

Melanie Koicha

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Martin Bush


Website Design

Aimée Tai

Past Climate Action Planning Committee 

Art Lightstone
Jim Brodie
Monica Woodley
Cecilia Brodie
John Willson
Natalie Telfer
Glenn Marshall
Mei Wong
Wing-Shun Wu


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Carrie Tai

Carrie is passionate about taking action on tackling the Climate Crisis and creating more public awareness.  She believes that by building a climate community we can make effective change in our personal lives, in our community and all levels of government.  Carrie took Al Gore's climate change training in Aug 2019 and is also now a Climate Reality Leader.


Andy Hampton

Andy is very concerned about the Climate and Ecological crises and what our future holds.   He is passionate about nature and is never happier than when he is on a family hike or bike ride in the countryside.  Andy tries to "walk the talk" by driving an electric vehicle (EV) and doing what he can to promote EVs both to friends and colleagues and through membership of the Electric Vehicle Society and the Toronto Hybrid & Electric Car Club.  He is also frequently involved in lobbying politicians at all levels on environmental issues.

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Aimée Tai

Aimée is very creative and loves to bring her artistic side into any project she is working on.  She enjoyed designing our website and continues to upgrade it as we evolve.  She is also kept busy designing our event posters.  Aimée started a Climate Action Committee at her school, and is also a member of the Everything Matters Movement, under the umbrella of Neighbours for the Planet.


Shan Hampton

Shan has a great eye for detail. She makes her contribution to our website by casting a critical eye on the layout and design and bringing forward recommendations for improvements.  Shan also keeps busy with posting the news articles on our In the News page.


Edwin Tai

Edwin is an avid photographer, especially on vacation.  He loves taking pictures of nature.  He has an interest in gardening and likes to experiment with growing different plants.  Edwin loves to read and is interested in the science of climate change solutions.

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