11,000 scientists sign declaration of climate emergency

"Climate emergencies have been declared by countries like Canada, Portugal, Ireland and France, and in individual cities such as Paris, New York, Toronto and Vancouver. Now a collection of 11,000 scientists from 153 countries is doing the same.

In a declaration published Tuesday in the journal BioScience, the collective put forth six "critical and interrelated steps" that governments and policy-makers should take into account in order to reduce the effects of climate change, which are:

  • Energy.

  • Short-lived pollutants.

  • Nature.

  • Food.

  • Economy.

  • Population.

"Our goal is to make it extremely brief and easy to understand, so we get a wide readership of the paper," said co-author William Ripple, a distinguished professor of ecology at Oregon State University. "Our goal is to have more individuals from the public and policy-makers read it."

Though the paper doesn't dive into specifics for the six steps, Ripple said there is a longer online supplement people can read should they want to further explore each topic."

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