41% of U.S. Land Is Used For Livestock Production

41% of US land is used for livestock production according to a report by Bloomberg.

Crop Production Allocation

391.5M acres are in use for crop production broken down as follow:

  • 38.1M acres or 9.7% is biofuel

  • 52M acres or 13.3% is idle / recovering

  • 21.5M acres or 5.5% is wheat exports

  • 62.8M acres or 16% is grain & feed exports

  • 13.6M acres or 3.5% is non-food like cotton

  • 127.4M acres or 32.5% is livestock feed

  • 77.3M acres or 19.75% is food Americans eat

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Photo from Bloomberg report: bloomberg.com/graphics/2018-us-land-use/