Another climate strike against Ontario government ‘greenwashing’

"Again, today, youth-led protests around the world are calling for action on the climate crisis. Today also marks the one-year anniversary of Ontario’s environment plan, in which Premier Doug Ford’s government largely walked away from climate action.

Instead, they have damaged or broken most of Ontario’s policies to build a green economy. They cancelled cap-and-trade, abandoned strong emission reduction targets, repealed our climate law, clawed back grants for clean, quiet electric buses and other clean technologies, forced gas customers to subsidize new pipelines, ordered gas stations to post misleading anti-carbon-price stickers, tore down a wind farm and slashed energy conservation.

They also waste public funds fighting proven solutions, $30 million for the losing fight against carbon pricing and $231 million-plus to rip up 752 clean power contracts. If that weren’t enough, they turbo-charged sprawl, the largest cause of Ontario’s climate pollution, attacked conservation authorities and health units, and weakened protections for the wetlands that protect us from floods.

Until last year’s election, Ontario was a climate leader. Now it is an obstacle to climate action, and a perfect example of what gets people out in the streets demanding change."

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