Armageddon in the Oil Patch

Summary by Liz Couture, Drawdown Richmond Hill

Tom Lewis writes about the truth about the melt-down of the oil industry and fracking in the USA and says “When we come off of our ventilators, stumble blinking into the light from our self-imposed quarantine, there won’t be anything there to see.” 

"Going into a house that was partially collapsed by an earthquake two days ago and is being consumed by a fire that started this morning, to tell the residents that they also have a serious termite problem, is not fun. It takes a special kind of guy. But I have to say this; while we have been mesmerized by coronavirus and the stock market crash and the shutdown of the entire economy and the onset of a depression, it is also the case that the entire American oil industry is crashing. We will be trying to deal with this long after we again start thinking of beer when we hear the word “corona.” "

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