Can a Whole City Go Green? Yes!

"The Finnish community of Ii (pronounced ee) is unusual for more than its name. It stands on the Gulf of Bothnia (the northern end of the Baltic Sea) at the mouth of the Iijoki River. The population is 10,000, about that of Quesnel, British Columbia. At 65 degrees 19 minutes north, Ii’s latitude is a little north of Dawson City, Yukon (population 1,400). The nearest big city is Oulu (population 200,000), a 25-minute drive south.

Canadians might blink at towns and cities that big, that far north. But even Helsinki, far to the south, is at 60 degrees north, the latitude of Whitehorse. Nevertheless, the Finns thrive in their northern land, and in Ii they thrive on renewable energy. They also show how, if a town can go green and prosper, a whole country can.

Starting around 2012, Ii decided to take climate change and renewable energy seriously and began adopting measures to move away from fossil fuels."

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