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Co-Designing for Climate Action: Call for Participants in Richmond Hill

The City of Richmond Hill is assembling a group of engaged community members to co-design a toolkit that connects groups to the City’s climate change and sustainability initiatives and collected data. The intention of the toolkit is to provide a locally-focused and up-to-date resource for individuals and groups in Richmond Hill. This project is a partnership between the City of Richmond Hill's Climate Change and Sustainable Development program and The Public Studio. 

We are seeking co-designers who are interested in learning more about the City’s Community Energy and Emissions Plan and in exploring ways of connecting this work to community-led initiatives. 

The program will take place, virtually, over four sessions: 

  • Saturday November 21st, 12-3pm

  • Saturday November 28, 12-3pm

  • Saturday December 5, 12-3pm

  • Saturday January 30, 12-3pm

Participants must have access to the internet and a computer or tablet that can run Zoom and web-based apps (like Google Docs). Participants should be able to commit at minimum to the first three sessions. As we are aiming for diverse representation of the community, and are limited to 16 participants, we cannot guarantee registration for all applicants.  

To register, please send your name, contact information, availability, and a short description of yourself (nature of your interest, previous environmental or civic involvement, affiliations, etc.) to:

  • Myles O'Brien, Environmental Education and Engagement Coordinator, City of Richmond Hill at

  • Please reply by Monday, November 9.

Thank you,


Myles O’Brien, MES

Environmental Education and Engagement Coordinator

Planning and Infrastructure Department

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