Community efficiency financing: New and existing residential energy financing programs

Summary by Liz Couture, Drawdown RH: The government of Canada is offering $1 billion to the Federal Canadian Municipalities (FCM) through the Green Municipal Fund (GMF) AND (!) they are looking for someone to serve on the GMF Council....anyone looking for some extra “green work” ?

"This call for applications will fund municipal programs that finance energy efficiency retrofits and renewable energy in residents’ homes (existing low-rise residential housing). This funding is to capitalize new and existing innovative efficiency financing programs.

To be eligible for this call for proposals, your initiative must:

  • Provide financing and related services that help homeowners retrofit their homes for energy efficiency or install renewable energy

  • Meet all of the prerequisites listed below

We are looking for programs with multiple benefits, including:

  • Address barriers homeowners face when undertaking energy retrofits

  • Provide proof-of-concept/replicable models that other municipalities can use to deliver energy financing initiatives

  • Engage a range of stakeholders

  • Demonstrate strong environmental, financial and social benefits, either directly to your community or through replication in other municipalities"

More details and to apply.

Photo by Vivint Solar on Unsplash