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Electric vehicles are supposed to be green, but the truth is a bit murkier

"At gatherings of electric vehicle enthusiasts, the curious surround Rob Spreitzer and his car. Both are celebrities in these circles — he's known as "High Mileage Rob," having driven more than 115,000 kilometres in his Tesla Model 3 in a little more than a year of ownership.

No other Model 3 in Canada is believed to have reached that milestone in such a short time, and it's possible no other battery-only electric vehicle has either.

And not once has he stopped for gas. Never changed the oil.

"I probably saved about $10,000 last year," Spreitzer says.

He's also trying to save the planet by eliminating greenhouse gas emissions. His car, like other zero-emission EVs, doesn't have a tailpipe and a popular online carbon calculator shows it has a zero-carbon output.

But that doesn't mean there isn't a carbon footprint."

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