May 28 - Single Use Plastics Motion passed unanimously in Richmond Hill Council Meeting!

Councillor David West forwarded the motion and the Mayor and all Councillors spoke passionately about this issue and the impact of single use plastics to our planet. We thank Councillor David West for his leadership on this motion.

Whereas, single use plastics such as plastic straws, cutlery and grocery bags have become a significant litter issue in our community and across Canada, and;

Whereas,  most single use plastics cannot be recycled and end up being disposed of as garbage or contribute to blue box contamination at a cost to municipalities, and;

Whereas,  York Region has communicated their intent to explore ways to reduce single use plastics as part of the update to the Regional Waste Master Plan (SM4RT Living Plan), currently underway;

Now Therefore Be It Resolved: that staff report back to Council regarding practical and feasible strategies that Richmond Hill may use to reduce single use plastics within our own corporation and within the municipality as a whole by working in partnership with York Region, and with other interested stakeholders.