National climate debate cancelled after Conservatives refuse to participate

"A national debate on climate change that had been planned for next week has been cancelled because the Conservatives refused to participate.

The University of Ottawa’s Smart Prosperity Institute was set to host the debate Oct. 16 in conjunction with Climate Action Network Canada.

Invitations were sent out Sept. 9 asking the Liberals, NDP, Greens and Conservatives to send any of their nominated candidates from across the country.

The first three signed up immediately.

The Conservatives initially signalled an intention to participate but on Wednesday told the organizers they couldn’t find anyone.

“It’s incredibly disappointing,” said Catherine Abreu, executive director of the Climate Action Network Canada.

In August, 48,000 Canadians signed a petition trying to convince the CBC to host a national climate debate with the party leaders. The CBC, which is part of the media group hosting the two official English and French language national leaders’ debate, declined."

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