New Jersey Charts a Practical, Affordable Course to a Decarbonized Economy

"This week, New Jersey released its 2019 Energy Master Plan (EMP) that shows how the state can take action today to affordably meet its ambitious 2050 clean energy and decarbonization targets. The EMP describes leading-edge policies, supported by analysis from Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI), that start New Jersey on an economic path to reduce its carbon emissions by 80 percent and power its economy with a 100 percent carbon-neutral grid by 2050.

New Jersey has long demonstrated policy leadership intended to promote clean energy and mitigate climate change. In 2007, New Jersey passed the Global Warming Response Act, committing the state to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in 2050 by 80 percent, from 2006 levels. Governor Phil Murphy, upon taking office in 2018, further committed New Jersey to 100 percent clean energy by 2050."

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