Now is a good time to begin a managed decline of Canadian fossil fuel production

Summary by Liz Couture, Drawdown Richmond Hill:

This blog discusses transition from fossil fuels, from Alberta’s point of view (they are hurting right now), to our federal government’s point of view (the oil sands can’t shut down overnight, but there must be a managed transition).

"With Alberta's heavy crude oil now trading at US$3.82 a barrel, this might be a good time for the federal government to offer Jason Kenney a deal: a secure reasonable price for Alberta's oil until 2030, in return for Alberta's participation in a new Energy Transition Canada program, an agency that would oversee the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energies.

And with gasoline at around $0.62 a litre, Alberta's premier is already asking Ottawa for cash and credit to support province's economic driver, the oil and gas industry. Most outside observers blame the steep drop in fuel demand on a Saudi Arabian attempt to force Russia to lower its oil prices, as well as the cancellation of all non-essential businesses and travel in North America, locked down to control the COVID-19 pandemic."

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