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Protect Ginnie Springs from Nestlé's greed

"Nestlé is about to drain a fragile spring in Florida -- all to churn out millions of plastic bottles of water.

Ginnie Springs is more than a fairytale-beautiful swimming hole. Its waters are the lifeblood of the Santa Fe River ecosystem, a haven for rare turtle species. 

Now Nestlé wants to plunder Ginnie Springs’ water and sell it back to taxpayers for a giant profit, creating mountains of single-use plastic in the process.


And even though Florida has spent huge sums to restore Ginnie Springs and the river it feeds, the company that will pump water for Nestlé gets to drain all that water -- 1.1 million gallons a day -- for a one-time fee of just $115.


Right now local water officials are deciding whether to let Nestlé suck up the spring. They’re paying close attention to the public's growing outrage."

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