These young activists won’t wait for their parents’ generation to save the planet

"As they balance school, a job and student debt, Canada’s young climate activists are leading the fight for the future of the planet.

Emma Lim, a first-year student at McGill University, launched the “No Children, No Future” campaign on Sept. 16 with more than 200 young Canadians pledging not to have any children until governments ensure a safe future for them. As of this week, over 600 had signed on.

“We’re terrified about the future,” says Lim. “I am facing a future of economic instability, of food scarcity and extreme weather,” she says. “Bringing a child into that future is the scariest thing I can imagine.”

Reversing “this very difficult decision” would mean being able “to think of the future with hope instead of fear” she says."

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