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Thurs Aug 27, 1pm: 3% Project Webinar Part 3 - Climate Education + Q&A


3% Project has crossed Canada 4 times, visiting 500 schools nationwide. Why? To educate us on climate solutions and to empower us to take action within our own communities. Our goals are simple: to achieve more consensus Canada-wide that climate change is real, that its biggest cause is human-created, and to empower youth to take local action towards climate change solutions in their communities. Together, we can create change.

Now that 3% Project has completed their mission, they have written a report to share what they have learned.

Webinar Part 3: Climate Education + Q&A

Date: Thurs August 27

Time: 1 - 2pm


“Climate Education” explores three opportunities that I would undertake if I were continuing 3% Project. First is a virtual platform that exclusively serves climate-friendly communities. Second is a physical tour that can now impact every single Canadian high school student. Third is to equip and support high school teachers to integrate climate solutions and SDGs into every course.

Climate education is particularly indispensable for Canadians. In 1991, the Chair of the Citizens’ Forum on Canada’s Future noted: “Plainly Canadians want an advanced industrial society and a high standard of living, and these exact environmental costs. But all governments need to develop better consultative mechanisms to reconcile economic and environmental needs. Given the high degree of polarization on this subject, realistic public education on the need for such reconciliation is also vital.”

The astute observation still rings true three decades later. Without a common baseline of evidence-based, scientific facts, Canadians will continue to struggle for dialogue and cooperation.

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