Vying to Lead Canada's Green Party

Summary by Liz Couture, Drawdown Richmond Hill: The Green Party of Canada is the only party whose policy most fully aligns with Glen Murray’s he says, and so this interview on TVO has this former Mayor of Winnipeg and former cabinet minister and environmental minister in Kathleen Wynne’s government vying for the leadership. Murray says, “we can bend the climate change curve...”.

"Glen Murray has had a pretty good run in elective politics, from mayor of Winnipeg in 1998 to running for parliament in 2004, to Ontario cabinet minister in 2010, to a run for Ontario Liberal leader in 2013. He left Queen's Park three years ago, but recently announced that he's seeking the leadership of the Green Party of Canada, hoping to replace Elizabeth May. He talks to Steve Paikin about his aspirations."

Watch interview.

Photo by Greyson Joralemon on Unsplash