Why a second-place finish for Trudeau’s Liberals makes Conservatives nervous

"CALGARY—It was not so long ago, less than a year, that Canada’s Conservative leadership — in the provinces and federally — proudly cast itself as the “Resistance” to Justin Trudeau’s climate agenda

Maclean’s December 2018 issue captured the belligerent spirit of the time with a cover picture featuring Ontario, Saskatchewan and Manitoba premiers Doug Ford, Scott Moe and Brian Pallister along with then-would-be Alberta premier Jason Kenney and federal leader Andrew Scheer.

The intention was to put Canada on notice that a Conservative juggernaut was set to crush Trudeau and his climate agenda. The various Conservative leaders were, according to the caption, “spoiling for fight”

That was then and this is now.

If the five of them were asked to pose for a similar picture this fall, chances are they would decline the invitation."

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