When one gallon of  gasoline is burnt, 19.64 pounds of carbon dioxide is released

If average global temperature continues to rise at this pace, half of all plants and animals will be at risk of extinction

Cutting trees down releases all the carbon dioxide that it absorbed back into the atmosphere

In 2018, the concentration of carbon dioxide was the highest ever in 3 million years!

The Earth's temperature could rise by 6 degrees this century

Since the industrial revolution, the world's oceans have become 26% more acidic

If we don't attempt to slow down climate change, there will be no ice left in the arctic by the year 2040

Since the ocean has absorbed an extensive amount of carbon dioxide, causing 1 million species to go extinct

Sea levels have risen more in the last 100 years than the past 2000 years combined (7 inches)

About 37 billion metric tonnes is released each year by human activities

In 2030, food prices will have increased by 60% due to climate change's effects on crops and livestock

Water vapor is a greenhouse gas