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Grow Your Own Food

Spring is in the air


Family Activity

Do you want to get your children inspired by watching seeds turn to seedlings and eventually food you can eat?  Then this activity is for you!



Julia and Dinah from our Gardening Group have each written an article to get you started on your backyard garden.

NftP Curbside Seed Event - June 8  - Cop

Curbside Seed Giveaway

We are hosting our 2nd Curbside Seed Giveway event! Hold the date!

Sat May 22, 2021

Backyard and Balcony Gardens

It's time to start planting seeds indoors to get a head start on your outdoor garden! We have lots of tips from last year and will start posting with our adventures from this year.

Check out our forum to post questions and get answers from our more experienced gardeners in the group.


Check out the resource page with tips and articles on how to grow vegetables, fruit and herbs successfully. Learn more about growing your own food, whether in your backyard, on your balcony or in a community garden.

And of course, check out our forum if you have any specific questions, and someone in our community will help you out.

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