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Global Action

The three most important things you can do to influence climate change on a national and international level:





As individuals we will be looking to our leaders in our towns, provinces and nation to share our goal to save the planet. This unprecedented world crisis will require unprecedented ideas.


No problem is too great to solve.  No mountain too high to climb.

With the right leadership, anything is possible.


“The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that do.” Steve Jobs.


To see examples of visionary changes throughout history, we look to our neighbour to the south:

  • President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s idea to fix the economy during the Great Depression resulted in the New Deal.

  • President John F. Kennedy’s idea to explore space beyond the earth resulted in The Moon Landing.


Ask what your leader can do for you.


The October 2018 IPCC report  "Global Warming of 1.5ºC" tells us that we have a very short time window (10-12 years) in which to make the changes to avoid the worst consequences of warming over 1.5°C. In Canada this means that the political party(ies) in power, after October 21st and the following two federal elections, need to be willing to tackle the problem head-on, with the urgency it requires.  Business-as-usual just will not cut it. 


This is why there is growing support for the idea of a "Green New Deal" in Canada. This idea, which aims to tackle ecological, climate and inequality crises by public investment and job creation, has gained a lot of publicity recently in the United States thanks to the support of Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.  In the meantime in Canada a very similar idea was already gaining traction in Quebec under the name of Le Pacte Pour La Transition and now more than 150 partner organisations have joined together to develop a Canadian "Pact For a Green New Deal". Town halls have been held in more than 150 communities to determine what Canadians see as "green lines" and "red lines" - what should or should not be in a Green New Deal for Canada.  It is now our responsibility to elect a party that will bring about these changes.

So what will your MP and their party do to combat climate change? In the next election and every one after that, please challenge your candidates to get a sense of how seriously they take the climate crisis. If they are elected, what actions will they take to save the planet?


We urge you to consider the environment as THE most important issue

when you cast your vote.

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