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2X Faster: More flooding, rapid sea level rise in Canada

"The new report released by the Canadian government details the impacts global climate change has on Canada's lakes and oceans

Canada’s lakes and oceans are important features of the nation’s unique landscape, have significant impacts on regional weather, and shape both the national and local economy.

The biggest Canadian industries including agriculture, fisheries, and tourism, all rely on the health and optimal functioning of lakes and oceans. The warming climate has already caused damaging changes to Canadian lakes and oceans, and a new study from the Canadian government warns that climate change will amplify the damages as water levels in lakes fluctuate, ocean waves and storm surges increase in size, and flooding becomes more frequent.

This article will address how Canadian lakes and oceans will change throughout the 21st century based on the findings of Canada's Changing Climate Report (CCCR)."

Flash floods in Toronto on July 8, 2013. Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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