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Canoo is first EV company to rethink electric cars for new era of mobility

"Tesla radically transformed the auto industry by showing that EVs can be cool cars. But that notion is so 2012. While legacy automakers are just catching up to that idea (see: Mach-E), the next great innovation in electric mobility acknowledges that many urban dwellers don’t give a damn about owning a car at all. They want access without the hassle and expense of ownership. Canoo is the first EV company that fully understands the change.

I spent the morning on Friday last week at the Torrance, Calif. headquarters of Canoo.

Maybe you’re rolling your eyes because you saw images of the prototype of Canoo’s lounge on wheels. I also dismissed the idea when I first saw the vehicle. I said so a couple of weeks ago.

But after spending time with Canoo’s top execs, and sitting in its prototype, I now see what they’re trying to do. The company’s ideas are bold and necessary. They make other EV start-ups already feel behind the times."

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