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David Attenborough to host new BBC series exploring our 'perfect planet'

"David Attenborough will host a “super-landmark” series for the BBC, A Perfect Planet, examining how forces including oceans and volcanoes shape the world’s ecosystems. The 93-year-old – who recently warned that humans had “overrun the world” while promoting another upcoming project, A Life on Our Planet, with Netflix and the WWF – will look at phenomena including the Indian monsoon and Arctic winters in the five-part series.

The series will explore how weather, oceans, volcanoes and sunlight shape the natural world, from a weather system that effectively distributes water to “marine currents [which] deliver nutrients to even the deepest reaches of the ocean”. It will also focus on animals and how they react to their ecosystems, including the white wolves of Ellesmere Island in Canada and Chinese golden snub-nosed monkeys."

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