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GTA climate scientist’s latest book reveals history, politics, science, solutions to global climate

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

"Renewable energy specialist and climate change management expert Dr. Martin Bush’s latest book, "Climate Change and Renewable Energy: How to End the Climate Crisis," shows how the global emergency can be brought to a halt.

Global emissions of greenhouse gases generated from the combustion of fossil fuels continue to rise year after year. Only a rapid transition to clean zero-emission sources of energy, such as solar and wind, can flatline emissions and start to draw them down to the net zero emission target that the majority of countries have set for 2050.

But there are powerful forces that are working to resist the global energy transition to renewable and inexhaustible sources of clean energy. The oil and gas industries and the petrochemical conglomerates have worked together for decades to spread disinformation and to manufacture uncertainty and doubt about the veracity of climate science. The capture of regulatory agencies by industry lobbyists has worked to reduce environmental protections and to ensure that the fossil fuel industries have unimpeded access to fragile wilderness regions. They continue to explore for oil and gas even though the science categorically tells us that most of the known fossil fuel resources must remain in the ground."

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