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Healthy You, Healthy Planet

Welcome to Healthy You, Healthy Planet. This section of our website will provide you with recipes and information on the best diet for you and the world. After some research, we have learned that a vegetarian or a Mediterranean diet benefits the you and the planet . Check out the Vox video below, where you will find how many grams of carbon dioxide is released for every serving of a variety of foods.


330g or carbon released = one serving of beef

52g of carbon released = one serving of chicken

40g of carbon released = one serving of fish

14g of carbon released = one serving of vegetables

2g of carbon released = one serving of lentils

As you can see, the vegetarian diet releases significantly less carbon than a regular diet. If the vegetarian diet is too strick, the Mediterranean diet is another option. This diet consists mostly of vegetables, fish, chicken and a once in a while a serving of beef. There are also many different benefits of these diets. Scientists have also concluded that the Mediterranean diet increases your longevity.

Continue to check here to see the latest recipes that will make you and the planet healthier.

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