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"How’s the Climate?" podcast coming to Richmond Hill soon...

Hello! We are Making Waves, a GTA-based team within Youth Challenge International’s Climate Action Catalyst program.

Right now, we are working with Resilient Richmond Hill to inform and educate RH residents about the climate crisis. As we have learned more about the Richmond Hill community, we have discovered that there are so many excellent and incredible climate action groups that already exist. We decided that our group could be most impactful as the “connector,” finding some way to connect those groups to people in a concentrated way.

We have decided to create our podcast, “How’s the Climate?” to showcase these groups.

We hope that our podcast will result in larger viewership/attention to these climate action teams, and will make people feel more comfortable when discussing climate action in their day-to-day lives.

Each episode will be approximately 20-30 minutes, and they will be released in February.

We have created our prototype/pilot, and are right now looking for feedback to inform our final product!

If you have a spare 30 minutes to give feedback to our project, that would be so helpful and appreciated.

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