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Meeting Summary: Feb 29, 2020 -NftP Everything Matters Movement

Summary by Carrie Tai:

At the second meeting, the students started working on some logo ideas. They see their movement being about hope for their future. And hence came the idea of using the colour yellow and also using a butterfly. Both of these symbolize hope.

On sketching some logo ideas, Rachel realized that the wings of the butterfly are basically in the shape of an "E" and a sideways "M", representing the Everything Movement. From there, the logo started taking form. It will be exciting to see what the final logo looks like!

The students then talked more about their idea of interviewing students at their schools to find out what their thoughts and feelings are on the climate crisis. It was decided that in order to get the most input, it would be best to create a google doc form where students could answer online, unanimously. They would then post the comments on social media so that students could have their voices heard!

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