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Michael Moore’s Mixed Message by Martin Bush

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

For those of you who have watched or heard of the documentary "Planet of the Humans", this article by Martin Bush is a must read. Martin has decades of experience in the green energy sector and is able to address many of the false points made in the film.

"On Earth Day, April 22, Michael Moore released a video called Planet of the Humans. The video strongly criticises renewable energy and its advocates. But much of the narrative is inaccurate and ill-informed.

The video starts with a dig at electric cars—pointing out that if the electricity comes from coal-fired power plants, the car is essentially being powered by fossil fuels.  This is true: but it’s not a valid criticism of electric vehicles.  It’s an argument in favour of shutting down coal and generating electricity from renewables—which many countries are now doing."

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