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MP Meeting in Markham-Thornhill to discuss a Just Recovery

Meeting held on August 23, 2020


  • Haroon Sritharan – Minister Ng’s representative

  • 5 constituents: Andrew Zhang, Stuart Cumner, Lioyd Helferty, Michael Chen, Andre Chin, Patricia Hektor

Meeting Summary:

Item 1 Andrew Zhang introduced Minister Mary Ng’ s representative, Harron Sritharan.

Item 2 Just Recovery document by Leadnow introduced. This outlines Principles of Just Recovery.

  • Haroon Sritharan was asked for input/agreement with Principles of Just Recovery. He stated he would have to discuss with Minister Ng and would respond to Andew Zhang with her position in the coming weeks. Mr. Sritharan agreed to a follow-up meeting in September.

  • Stuart Cumner presented quotations taken from Prime Minister Trudeau and Minister Chrystia Freeland. These quotations emphasized the Liberal Party’s support for a Just Recovery following Covid 19.

  • Mr.Srithanan agreed that Just Recovery principles were similar to and compatible with Liberal Party’s goals.

Item 3 Mr. Sritharan asked if those present at the meeting had spoken to other Ministers.

  • Lloyd Helferty reported he had spoken to someone regarding a tree planting initiative that is ongoing in Prince Edward County and his goal to bring a similar tree planting initiative to Markham. He expressed interest in talking to Harron Sritharan and Minister Mary Ng about this and other initiatives being undertaken by Drawdown Markham.

  • Mr. Sritharan agreed to follow up with Lloyd Helferty and asked for contact information.

Item 4 Andrew Zhang invited meeting participants to comment or ask questions.

  • Michael Chen asked how the Liberal Recovery Plan would address Indigenous People’s rights and issues. specifically the issue of missing Indigenous women. Mr. Sritharan responded that Minister Ng is very interested in, and involved with, women’s rights and Black Lives Matter. One way she provides support is through entrepreneurship programs that provide opportunities. He committed to sending information about how this works.

  • Andre Chin discussed a plan to build “green” homeless shelters to help address the needs of many Canadians while testing new green initiatives.

Patricia Hektor expressed hope that we learn from the pandemic and build back smarter. This is our opportunity as Canadians to enhance equality in Canadian society, right the wrongs in indigiounous communities, protect the environment and rebuild remembering that we have a window of opportunity to combat climate change. This is the opportunity for Canadians to make a difference.

Stuart Cumner stated that we have a short window of opportunity, 10 years, to combat Climate Change and this is the time to do it.

Michael Chen added that this is the time for Canada to step forward and be a world leader in a just recovery.

Haroon Sritharan stated that a safe restart is of benefit to all Canadians.

Next Steps:

Haroon Sritharan will speak to Minister Ng about Just Recovery Principles and communicate responses to Andrew Zhang. A follow-up meeting will be arranged for September.

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