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Oct 19, 20: Our Time Campaign is looking for volunteers to help elect Climate Champions

The Federal Election is just around the corner and we need your help to make the Green New Deal front and centre in our next government.

"We’re looking for your support to get Andrea Vásquez Jiménez NDP, the York Centre Climate super hero elected.

This election is critical for the climate and by getting our champions in office we have a real opportunity to make change.

Would you be interested in volunteering with us?

Our Upcoming Canvassing Events:

  • Saturday Oct. 19, 12-5pm, meet outside of Wimpy's Diner (Bathurst and Sheppard Plaza)

  • Sunday Oct. 20, 12-5pm, meet @ Jane and Sheppard Plaza

Don't see an event that works for you but still want to help?

Awesome, we need all types with all sorts of schedules!

If canvassing just isn't your thing, there is also Phone Banking, Data Entry and other general organizing work to be done.

If you just can't make these times, there are also tons of different events going on to meet your schedule.

If you want to help out in another riding, there are teams across the city that I can put you in touch with."

Contact Our Time to help out by emailing

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