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Online shopping deliveries clog our roads. E-cargo bikes could help fix the problem

"Deliveries from online shopping orders and subscription services are clogging already-crowded city streets around the world with delivery trucks and vans, adding to greenhouse gas emissions and causing safety and traffic concerns by blocking bike and bus lanes.

Online retailers, delivery companies and cities are all looking for solutions. 

Amazon is betting on new technology —  drones and electric delivery vans — to solve at least some of those problems.

But in many cities around the world, including Montreal and Vancouver, a different technology is being tried out: electric cargo bikes.

While Amazon is testing drones to deliver just 2.3 kilograms, cargo bikes can carry up to 350 kilograms — more than some fully loaded vans are carrying, advocates say. An electric motor helps the operator with loads that are too hard to move by pedalling alone."

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