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Rewriting the Menu: Climate Change and the Global Food

Presentation by Mike Hoffman

Professor Emeritus of Entomology

Cornell College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

"Climate change is rapidly making the business of growing our food less predictable and riskier. This conversation will cover how the changing climate is affecting our globally interconnected and interdependent food supply—just about everything on the menu is changing.

Plants, the basis of life, require the right temperatures, water, soil, air and sunlight. All but sunlight are changing and having subtle and in many cases ominous impacts on our foods and beverages—from spices and herbs to pistachios. The flavors of teas, the protein and mineral content of wheat, vitamins in rice, and yields of many crops are undergoing change.

Addressing this challenge requires innovative research to develop more resilient crops, better practices and tools that help the agricultural and the food sectors adapt to the new normal, and mitigate their impact. The changing menu is also a way to join forces, find a common ground and draw more attention and action to address this grand challenge of climate change—we all eat."

Photo by Dan Meyers on Unsplash

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