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Sat Oct 5, 2019 - Neighbours for the Planet engaged the community at Envirofest

Neighbours for the Planet had the honour to have a table at Envirofest!

All of the Neighbours for the Planet Co-founders came out for the event. We talked about Climate, about all the great climate organizations in Richmond Hill that are doing great work on the Climate and some of the upcoming events we are holding:

Oct 5 - Targeting Climate Change

Oct 8 - Climate 101 (hosted by Drawdown RH)

Oct 9 - Climate 201 (hosted by Drawdown RH)

Oct 10 - Climate 301 (hosted by Drawdown RH)

Oct 11 - Neighbours for the Planet Volunteer Meeting

We gave out our Climate Information Brochure to help people get more informed about the Climate Crisis we are in. We signed up people who want to volunteer with Neighbours for the Planet. It was a beautiful sunny day and we met a lot of nice people!

We want to thank Councillor David West for putting on a great event about a very important issue, and for giving us the opportunity to engage with our community about the Climate Crisis we are in.

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