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Speaking The Truth About Coronavirus And Climate Change With Kids

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

"Once you know the truth, it’s devastating. The mental anguish of the reality at hand can feel paralyzing and overwhelming. The storm is upon us. Understanding clearly that the outcome may not be okay, not only for others in far off places, but for you, your community and your family is both angst and grief provoking. It is incredibly frustrating to see friends, colleagues and those seemingly “in charge” down-playing the facts. Particularly when science is telling us we must act with urgency and that we are out of time.

Fully grasping our climate emergency is understanding that the train wreck is imminent. We know we can slow it down and make it less bad than it already is; but will we be able to?

Fully understanding the coronavirus (let me premise this by saying that no one does fully understand it) is knowing the train wreck is already here. Time has been compressed; we have no more time. We must go into triage mode to make it less bad than it will certainly be, if we do nothing or continue business as usual."

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