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Tell Canadian banks to stop funding fossil fuel companies

Petition by Greenpeace

It’s quite simple: without money from banks, oil & gas and coal companies can’t keep polluting the planet.

Every year, Canadian banks provide tens of billions of dollars to fossil fuel companies. And some of this money is yours — banks invest it when you trust them with your savings.

The “Big Five” — RBC, TD, Scotiabank, BMO and CIBC — are all within the top 25 fossil fuel financiers in the world.

Even since the Paris climate agreement was signed five years ago, urging for assertive global action to avoid climate catastrophe, they have steadily increased their support for fossil fuels.

Around the world, pressure on high-profile banks like JP Morgan Chase, HSBC and Barclays is increasing. It’s time for Canadian banks to do their share in tackling the climate crisis, by contributing to end the age of dirty energy.

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