The Easiest Perennial Herbs and Vegetables to Grow

Updated: Jan 23

By Julia Fursova for Neighbours for the Planet.

May 20, 2020

COVID-19 pandemic has certainly laid bare the many vulnerabilities in our existing economic system that relies heavily on the extraction of maximum value from people and the natural environments while giving little in return. The fragility of the global food supply system is one of such vulnerabilities. Yet food shortages and spiked prices are only a start of what may come as part of the climate crisis. COVID-19 pandemic gives us a taste (pun intended) of what happens when we rely too much on wasteful processes of production and consumption. One of the many lessons brought by this pandemic is about the value of local food production. Amidst all the anxiety about climbing food prices and potential food shortages, many people turned to gardening. When the food prices grow, it’s time to grow your own food! A bonus – locally grown produce tastes so much better, and gardening is exceptionally good for our health and for the health of the planet!