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WMO horror stories by Dr. Martin Bush

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

Dr. Martin Bush is a member of Neighbours for the Planet and Drawdown Richmond Hill.  His website, ClimateZone is a great resource for a deeper understanding of climate change issues and solutions. Dr. Bush has also recently published a book "Climate change and renewable energy: How to end the climate crisis".

"If you’re a fan of horror stories, the World Meteorological Organisation is not the first place you might think of checking out.  But believe me, it is publishing some terrifying stuff.

Every year the WMO publishes a report called “Statement on the State of the Global Climate”.  These reports are quite different from those published by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change—the IPCC.  The IPCC reports tread so carefully, they almost trip over themselves as they watch where to put their feet.  This isn’t really their fault.  Their summary reports are airbrushed so thoroughly by their government handlers that even  the most alarming observations of the hundreds of scientists who work on the text are weakened to the point where they seem to be little more than mild precautionary advice."

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