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A just transition from oil - add your name to letter to PM from Elizabeth May

"I said it yesterday and I will keep on saying it: It makes no sense to try to "save" a dying industry.

As crashing demand and a global price war push Big Oil out of the oil sands, it is time to face facts. Oil is on the way out and renewables are the future.

We must retool our industry, retrain our workers and ensure that all the COVID‑19 recovery stimulus goes to companies that will contribute to our economy in the long term. This is not only my opinion. It is the advice of some of the world's leading economists and energy analysts.

I have written a letter to Prime Minister Trudeau urging him to grasp this opportunity to reorganize the energy mix and find other jobs for Canadians – especially Albertans – working in the fossil fuel sector.

I understand why many people live in the false hope that the oil sector is going to come back. We need to support the people of Alberta.

Canada needs to give oil workers the opportunity to put their vast skills and knowledge to use in the transition to renewable, responsible energy."

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