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Call on Elections Canada to Reconsider -the climate crisis is NOT a partisan issue

"News just broke that Elections Canada has declared the climate crisis a partisan issue. 

Because the infamous and extreme MP Maxime Bernier is denying the climate crisis, science is now considered a political position.

Elections Canada announced that only registered third-parties can advertise climate science, barring small environmental groups from promoting messages about climate risks.

One right-wing politician’s science denial is impeding Canadians’ ability to make an informed decision in this critical election.

Meanwhile, pro-oil politicians are free to continue spreading misinformation about the carbon tax, fossil fuels and reasons not to act on the climate emergency.

As the climate crisis intensifies by the day.

Elections Canada must walk back this decision.

The Green Party is calling on Elections Canada to reconsider this anti-science ruling. Will you add your name to back up our calls, before political campaigning officially kicks off in just a few weeks?"

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