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Canada’s Carbon Tax In Brief Or, Your New Source of Income

Updated: May 18, 2020

By Glenn Marshall, Oct 16, 2019

Canada has a 100% refunded carbon tax. This is different from a conventional carbon tax in that most taxpayers make money and it is associated with economic growth and job creation. The federal government is not keeping any of the money.

The refunded carbon tax will reduce the cost of living in Ontario for 80% of Ontario residents - Ontarians have a new source of income beginning April 2019. This has been verified by the independent, non-partisan Parliamentary Budget Office.

  • It will also reduce our pollution subsidy by beginning the switch from “everybody pays” to “polluter pay”.

  • The gas pump stickers don’t mention the refund - this is a terrible error that has yet to be corrected; this matter is before the courts.

  • Best of all, in addition to our refund, we can all make money - even the top earning 20% - all we need to do is make low pollution choices - we will save money, save the planet and grow the high growth green economy.

This has been applied successfully in British Columbia since 2008. It is recommended by 27 Nobel Laureate economists from the left and right.

Exports like the Alberta tar sands are not affected by the refunded carbon tax.

Top print, download the document below.

Canada's Carbon Tax - In Brief by Glenn
Download • 540KB

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