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Climate Emergency: A 26-Week Transition Program for Canada by Guy Dauncey FRSA, PIBC (Hon)

Summary by Cathy Orlando, Citizens’ Climate Lobby, Canada:

We are transitioning out of the fossil fuel economy into the Ecological Era which will be powered by the sun and other truly green technologies for the next billion years. I loved how Guy's explanation about the stage we are about to enter would never have been possible without fossil fuels. He opened our imaginations to many things that must be done and gave us a possible roadmap to get there. Certainly on that roadmap is carbon pricing which is where we come on in: keep building the political for carbon pricing in our home ridings and trust others doing their great work will work on all the other things that must be done. Guy's relentless focus on solutions and not the doom and gloom is a role model for us all. It certainly seems to be how he stays Optimistic - one of our core values at CCL.

Watch CCL Canada Education Call youtube video where Guy Dauncey explains Climate Emergency: A 26-Week Transition Program for Canada I highly recommend you read A 26-Week Transition Program for Canada first.

About Guy Dauncey

Guy Dauncey is an anthropological economist who works to develop a positive vision of a sustainable future, and to translate that vision into action. He lives on Vancouver Island.He is founder of the BC Sustainable Energy Association, and the author or co-author of ten books, including The Climate Challenge: 101 Solutions to Global Warming and Journey to the Future: A Better World Is Possible. He is currently completing his 11th book, titled The Economics of Kindness. He is the recent author of Climate Emergency: a 26 Week Transition Program for Canada, which he has just presented to MPs in Ottawa. Check out his website.

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