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COSTCO: find an alternative to Palm Oil, Orangutans survival depend on it

"Palm Oil is a cheap additive in many products we consume/use each day. These include but are not limited to; food, beauty products and biofuel. 

COSTCO currently uses Palm Oil in some of their own Kirkland brand products. Because Costco has such a global market of consumers, people have the right to know the negative impact and devastation, the consumption of Palm Oil is causing.

In Borneo there are rainforests that are being burned every second, so row upon row of palm plants can take their place. Animals such as Orangutans have to evacuate quickly to save their lives. This devastation leaves dead or injured, crying and orphaned baby Orangutans among other animals. In Borneo and Sumatra this biodiverse forest is the last place on earth where Tiger, Orangutan and Elephant still co exsist. From 1999-2015 100,000 Orangutans in Borneo alone have died from habitat loss and hunting."

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