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Liberals, NDP, Green and Bloc: Cooperate for climate now

"Now that the Canadian election is over, we need to act fast to push for real action on corporate-induced climate change.

We know the reasons for the urgency. The IPCC report is warning that there were just 12 years left to avoid irreversible damage to the climate.

Sign the petition calling on MPs from Liberals, Bloc, NDP and Greens to take bold climate action now.

Bold climate action includes a plan that has:

  • Emission reduction targets backed by science;

  • A plan for a just transition to a clean economy that leaves no-one behind, including divestment from fossil fuels, the creation of good green jobs, and actions to tackle inequality -- ie. the framework to a Green New Deal;

  • Adherence to indigenous and migrant rights, including implementing the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People and supporting climate change migrants and refugees.

The Bloc, NDP and Greens hold a lot of bargaining power right now, to push the Liberals for bold climate action and further on away from the Conservative’s big oil platform right now. But we need to act quick.

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