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Meeting Summary: Feb 15, 2020 -NftP Everything Matters Movement

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

Summary by Carrie Tai:

This was the first student meeting. Four students attended all from different schools. They talked about how no one seems to want to talk about climate change at their respective schools so they were happy to meet with other like-minded students and collaborate together.

They decided they wanted to have a name for their movement. After some discussion, they agreed that they should stay away from the word "climate" as it would just push other students away. As they talked, they realized that climate impacts everything. From there it wasn't much longer before they came up with "Everything Matters Movement". Wow. I was impressed by the energy and creativity. It had taken us weeks to come up with "Neighbours for the Planet"!

The students then started talking about ideas for a logo. They want their movement to be about hope for their future. And hence came the idea of using the colour yellow and also using a butterfly. Both of these symbolize hope.

Their first goal is to see if they could engage more students at their respective schools to take action on climate. They thought they could interview other students like the "Humans of New York" and ask them about their thoughts on climate change. This would help bring the students together as well as give students a voice.

Next meeting is Sat Feb 29th at 7pm. Details here.

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