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Multiple health and environmental impacts of foods

The information provided is from a research article from Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) of the US.

"Dietary choices are a leading global cause of mortality and environmental degradation and threaten the attainability of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Climate Agreement. To inform decision making and to better identify the multifaceted health and environmental impacts of dietary choices, we describe how consuming 15 different food groups is associated with 5 health outcomes and 5 aspects of environmental degradation. We find that foods associated with improved adult health also often have low environmental impacts, indicating that the same dietary transitions that would lower incidences of noncommunicable diseases would also help meet environmental sustainability targets."

Following is a bit of a summary from Martin Bush on a key factor pointed out in the article.

"Look at Fig 3 shown below.

This shows that food which is good for you also has a lower environmental impact, and vice versa.  Food that is not good for your health (all forms of red meat) has a much higher carbon ’foodprint’.

This supports strong action for the promotion of plant-rich diets as not only reducing emissions but also improving health outcomes."

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