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Meeting Summary: Oct 22, 2019 - Neighbours for the Planet Climate Action

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

12 people attended.

Meeting Summary

The group agreed that since we are in a climate emergency we need to focus on climate actions that have the biggest impacts on reducing our carbon emissions. According to, these would be:

  1. Food waste – in our homes, grocery stores, restaurants etc

  2. Plant based diet – here we are looking at small steps so not to scare people off and would basically be promoting reducing our meat consumption. This might include having monthly cooking classes to help with creating new meatless meals and build our community.

  3. Transportation – we talked about building Electric Vehicle charging infrastructure – the focus would be on multi-unit housing where it is more difficult to add a charging unit, as well as malls and community spaces (libraries, community centres)

  4. Tree Planting to help sequester carbon emissions. The idea is to do a fund raiser and collect money to plant trees either locally or to organizations already set up to collect donations and plant trees in other countries. The fund raiser would also be an effective way to grow our climate community.

The idea is to form 4 affinity groups to lead these initiatives.

We would also form a Social Media affinity group. Reuben brought up some great ideas and would be a great leader for this group. Some of his ideas were to ensure that we livestream any future events. He would also run our social media campaigns on Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Facebook. Reuben also talked about Reddit which are smaller groups with moderators.

Next meeting in 2 weeks. Date and location to be confirmed soon!

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