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Oct 26, 5pm - Youth Meeting with Future Majority

Neighbours for the Planet (NftP) is hosting a meeting with Future Majority.

Date: Monday October 26

Time: 5-6pm

"Young people are the largest voting bloc in Canada. But politicians aren't taking the concerns that unite us as a generation, serious action on the climate emergency, greater access to mental health services, a more affordable Canada."

We need to disrupt the typical politician's calculus on which demographics to court come election time.  Given our limited time and resources, we focus on getting more young people to vote in ridings that are most likely to be decided by small vote margins by any major party. 1,000 new youth voters in a close riding will turn the heads of every politician running for office.  In a safe riding, where the likely vote margin could be 15,000 or 20,000 votes, we'll just be noise.

Over the last two decades, who forms government in Canada has often been decided by less than 20 seats. 30,000 new youth voters, across 30 ridings can make all the difference.

If you are a youth and want to hear how you can make your voice heard then this meeting is for you.

To join the meeting, please email us

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