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Richmond Hill Monarch Butterfly Tagging Challenge

Looking for something to do with the Kids this summer? How would you like to be a citizen scientist and help save Monarch Butterflies?

Participate in Councillor West’s Monarch Butterfly Tagging Challenge

Today an organization called Monarch Watch has started a citizen science based program where individuals across North America are asked to collect Monarch caterpillars and raise them to butterflies.

I have ordered 100 Monarch Butterfly tags that I will be sharing with anyone who would like to participate in the challenge.

My goal, and the challenge I would put to my friends and neighbours, is to collectively tag at least 100 Monarchs in Richmond Hill this August! I would invite you to participate in this challenge.

Carrie Tai and family have accepted the challenge. It's been a lot of fun searching our neighbourhood for Monarch eggs and milkweed. So far we have found 4 eggs. Following are pictures from our very first egg. You can see the egg, the first day it hatched, 3 days later as it quickly grows and finally 2 weeks later in it's jade chrysalis.

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